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Albania has a lot to offer for adventurers and tourists: spectacular views, unspoiled coastlines, fantastic beaches, high and craggy mountains in the north and ancient cities with historic monuments, museums as well as archeological sites and castles all for you to explore.

Albania is located east of Italy across the Adriatic Sea and thus enjoys a gentle and temperate Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm, dry summers. The varied regions, from the towering mountains in the north to the coastal areas in the west, make Albania a beautiful and intriguing destination.

The topographical surface of Albania is mostly mountainous. The highest peak is Mount Korabi (Dibra district), which towers 2,751 m above sea level. Mountains offer travelers a variety of opportunities, from spelunking to skiing.

Alpinism is a common sport here. A combination of mountaineering and hiking, this activity can range from a simple day trip to a multi-day summiting expedition atop some of Albania’s loftiest peaks.

A variety of nature trails bring the beauty of Albania’s countryside within reach for the less adventurous traveler. While less strenuous, these treks are no less beautiful and often offer unique views of rural villages and the areas surrounding them. A vast network of trails connects these villages with each other and with other vital resources, offering a dramatic change of pace from the hectic pace of Tirana and other large cities.