North to South


This is a 14 days tour around Albania. The tour will consist on exploring Albanian great natural beauties and touching a part of the culture and history.

Day 1 – Tirana
Arrival at Tirana Mother Theresa Airport. From there transfer to Shkodra.
Once in Shkodra, visits at the main Catholic Cathedral, Rozafa Castle, Lead Mosque etc.
Overnight stay in Shkodra.
Hotel (TBC)
Day 2 – Shkodra – Theth
After breakfast will follow visits to Shkodra, the biggest city in Northwest Albania, also home of the biggest lakes in the Balkans.
After Shkodra sightseeing, heading towards Theth, which is a scenic village that became a tourist resort and one of the most prefered places for alpinism in Albania. Together with Razma, it composes the most frequented center in North Albania.
Both places are functional all year through.
Theth village is surrounded by a mountain range, which offers a peculiar beauty toped by a wonderful sunset. The highest peaks are: Rodohina Mountain 2596m; Harapi Mountain 2216m; Populka Mountain 2600m and Alia Mountain 2400m.
Day 3 – Theth
On this day explore and enjoy the natural beauty of Theth with the following detailed program:
7:00 – Breakfast
8:00 – Departure to Ethnographic Museum
8:15 – Arrival at the Museum
9:35 – Arrival at the Church
10:15 – Departure towards Grunas Waterfall
11:00 – Arrival at the Waterfall
11:30 – Lunch near the Waterfall
12:00 – Departure to Nderlysa
14:00 – Arrival to Nderlysa
15:00 – Departure to the “Blue Eye”
17:30 – Departure towards Theth
19:30 – Dinner

Day 4 – Theth – Kruja
After breakfast travel towards medieval town of Kruja. Around midday arrival in Kruja and visit the Castle and the Ethnographic Museum and Skanderbeg Museum. Possibility to visit the Sari Salltiku Mountain and arrive at an altitude of about 1176m. The Teqe praying place for the Bektashi people that belong to a mystical Sufi order. In the afternoon free time to visit the old bazaar. Dinner and overnight in Kruja.
Hotel (TBC)

Day 5 – Kruja – Berat
After breakfast, departure towards museum city of Berat. Just before entering the city, visit to the Cobo winery, a successful private business run by the Cobo Family.
The father of the house Mr. Cobo will lead a visit to the winery and wine tasting. Upon arrival in Berat, will visit the castle built up on a rocky hill 260m above sea level. More visits at the Bachelor’s mosque, Gorica bridge and some of the dwelling houses of the 18th and 19th century.
Overnight in Berat.
Hotel (TBC)
Day 6 – Berat – Pogradec
After breakfast, departure towards Pogradec situated on by the Ohrid Lake, southeast of Albania. On the way, a short stop at Elbasan. Near Pogradec, a visit to the Lin village can be possible where can be found the ruins of 6th ct Bazilika.
Overnight in Pogradec.
Hotel (TBC)
Day 7 – Pogradec
Free day of leisure in the city.
Overnight in Pogradec.
Note: On this day is also possible to organize a daily trip to Ohrid in Macedonia (the other side of the lake). This is optional.

Day 8 – Pogradec – Korça – Përmet
After breakfast, departure towards Korça. Along the way will take place visits at the small town of Maligrad. It is an island situated deep within the Albanian part of Prespa Lake with many caves suitable for wildlife and a circular cliff. Shaped like a tadpole, it contains some trees and an area of sand. The island contains a famous Saint Mary Church, built by Qesar Novak, a local noble from 1369.
The trip next continues towards Korça. Once there, will be conducted visits at the Medieval Arts Museum. After Korça the tour continues towards Përmet. This is a long drive towards the mountainous area of Southern Albania.
On this day can be possible to bath in the Natural Thermal springs of Benja, situated very close to Përmet.
Overnight in Përmet.
Hotel (TBC)
Day 9 – Përmet – Gjirokastër
This will be a hiking day while enjoying the natural beauty of Dhembeli mountain, with the following detailed program:

07:30 – Transfer by car to the departure point
08:00 – Start hiking the Dhembeli mountain up to about 1450m altitude
12:00 – Arrival at the Dhembeli Pass. Lunch break
12:30 – Descending
14:30 – Arrival at Poliçan – Suhe village
19:30 – Dinner
Hiking: up around 1200m/down 800m
Total hiking hours: 6 hours

Day 10 – Gjirokastër – Sarandë
In the morning visits the Gjirokastra museum city part of the UNESCO heritage. Takes the name of “The city of stone” because of its characteristic houses built in stone one above the other in the form of medieval towers. Visit the Ethnographic Museum, former house of communist dictator Enver Hoxha.
Later leave in a panoramic narrow road towards another UNESCO site, the ancient city of Butrint. Once there visit the old Amphitheatre, the Temple of Aesculapius, the Baptisery with colorful mosaics and the ancient city walls. An old fortress housing a small museum watches over the entire site, which is one of the last unspoiled natural and ancient historical areas in Mediterranean.
Overnight in Saranda.
Hotel (TBC)

Day 11 – Saranda – Llogara
This is a travel day through the Albanian Riviera. Possibility for spending the day on the coast of either Himara, Jali or Dhërmi.
Overnight in Llogara.
Hotel (TBC)

Day 12 – Llogara
This day is a free day. Walks in the forests nearby or transfers to the coast will be conducted by a minibus.

A hiking program from the National Park of Llogara can be as below:

07:00 – Breakfast
08:00 – Departure the hiking point towards Qorra peak (2018m)
12:00 – Arrival at Qorra peak. Lunch (pre-packed) and free time
13:00 – Descending
15:30 – Arrival in Llogara

Hiking: uphill 1000m/downhill 1000m

Day 13 – Llogara – Tirana
Travel towards Vlora. After Vlora, on the way to Tirana, visit at the archeological site of Apollonia. Arrive in Tirana for dinner and overnight.
Hotel (TBC)

Day 14 – Transfer to the Airport “Mother Theresa”