Religious Tour

Albania is a multi religious country, in which, for many centuries, have coexisted four traditional religious communities – the Moslems Suni, the Orthodox, the Catholics and the Moslems Bektashi (in Albania is established the Holy See of World Bektashism). The relationships between them are very good ones, characterized by peace, harmony and collaboration.

The four traditional religious communities are tolerant and collaborative with other religious groups, which have been established in Albania since the year 1990, when religious life restarted and our country was opened to the World. Amongst them are the Evangelical churches, which are organized under the umbrella of VUSH (Albanian Evangelical Brotherhood). The evangelical churches began their activity in Albania in the XIX century and are now present all over Albania. Also, present in Albania are: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), the Baha`is, the Jehovah’s Witness, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat in Albania and some others.

The excellent interfaith relations in Albania radiate even in other Balkan countries where Albanian populations are present, as in Kossova, Macedonia, Montenegro etc. Albania was the most damaged country by the communist regime. In the year 1967 it was the only country in the World where religion was legally forbidden and all the religious institutions where closed. 302 clergymen (most of them had studied in different countries of the Occidental or Oriental Countries) were condemned to death, to prison or to deportation, because they believed and defended their faith. Many religious buildings were totally destroyed or were used as stables, stores, military unit residences or sport halls.